How to Enter

Written Entry

Your written entry is of utmost importance as the judges will base their initial decisions on the strength of the arguments made. Your written entry must be no more than two single-sided pages of A4 paper, no less than 11 point type size, single spaced. Entrants may mark various sensitive parts of their submissions as ‘Not For Publication’ by highlighting such information in yellow

Support Material
  • To accompany your written submission, entries may be supported with relevant back up material. The support material should show evidence of the success of your work. It may vary depending on the category but can range from branded media coverage, photographs, internet coverage, videos, attitudinal research, media evaluation, sales figures, detailed market share, etc. Please consider that it is better to be targeted than copious.
  • A maximum of five (5) support materials can be submitted online either in the form of a microsite or on our entry system so that these can be accessed by the judges at the time of judging. No file sharing site/FTP should be used.
  • Any supporting data must be accompanied by an indication of the source of reference. If your agency is the source of research, please reference “Agency Research”.
  • Any microsites must be live from 1 December, 2020 – 31 May, 2021. Please supply passwords, if needed, for access to the microsite URL. No FTP or file-sharing sites are allowed.
  • Upload no more than five (5) items of supporting materials on top of the three compulsory images. The supporting materials should show evidence of the success of your campaign, and support the case made in your written entry.


Executive Summary

An Executive Summary of at least 100-150 words to be provided via the online form. If awarded, the Summary will be published to showcase the entry, please do not include confidential information or company credentials.


Entry Materials File Format

All entries and supporting materials are to be submitted online and must adhere strictly to the stipulated formats as listed below:

File Size:Less than 5MB
File format:.pdf

Pictures/Photographs (At least 300dpi, RGB)
File Size:Less than 5MB
File formats:.jpg、.png、.gif

Audio File
File Size:Less than 5MB
File format:.mp3

File Size:Less than 25MB



All campaign entries must be endorsed by your client representative, authorising the entry and data. You should provide your client contact details on the online submission system and the endorsement email can be generated and emailed directly to your client for endorsement.

You are responsible to ensure your client is available for endorsement at the time of your submission and before submission closed.

All other entries must be endorsed by a senior management member from your agency/company, and cannot be endorsed by the same person who submitted the entry.


Important Notes
  • Online Entry Form: All details required to be filled in accurately.
  • Entry: You can enter the same campaign to multiple categories. Each entry submitted into an additional category is considered as an individual entry, where a separate fee and a set of written submission paper, endorsement, any supporting materials, 3 hi-res images and payment has to be submitted online.
  • Written Submission: All written submission must be submitted in English language with no more than two (2) single-sided pages of A4 paper, no less than 11 point type size, single spaced.
  • Duplication of Entries: Where more than one agency has worked on the case, it has to be agreed in advance between the involved parties which company will be making the entry. In the event that the same entry is submitted by two different entrant companies, or if both agency/consultancy and client enter the same work, the submission may be treated as a joint entry for the purposes of judging at the organiser’s discretion. Any duplicated entry fee will be forfeited.
  • Credits: Agency name, Campaign Title/Nominee’s name, Client, Country as per credits to be published for all Awards categories.
  • Must Not Include: Agency names and logos must NOT appear on your written submission or any of your supporting materials for all campaign categories.
  • Confidential: The organiser reserves the right to publish details of the entries in any related publications and materials. However, if there is certain information that must be kept confidential, please indicate it clearly as “Not for Publication” by highlighting the information in yellow, and tick the ‘Confidentiality request’ check box on the online entry form. Please be specific about what information cannot be disclosed – do not simply mark the entire entry confidential.
  • Mandatory:

    • Upload three (3) compulsory hi-resolution images of creative materials from your campaign. They will be used to showcase the entry, if awarded.
    • Executive summary to be published, to showcase your entry if awarded. Do not provide company credentials or confidential information, summary must be at least 100-150 words.
  • Endorsement: Details of nominated senior client/brand representative, or senior management from agency or company to endorse and authorize your entry and claims. You are responsible the endorsement is completed by the entry deadline via the online system.
  • Payment: All entry payment must be paid by entry deadline to complete the entry process successfully. Unpaid entries will be removed from the system without further notice.

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