Razlan Manjaji

Razlan Manjaji, Senior Director, Global Events has led the SCMP Events (now known as SCMP Live) team to exceptional achievements. He surpassed revenue and profit targets while building a strong portfolio of IP events and ensuring a smooth transition in taking over the custom events portfolio. Despite economic uncertainty and diverse event types, Razlan implemented strategic initiatives like flexible sponsorships, audience diversification, and a future-proof team, resulting in a successful year with a 89% talent retention rate. His commitment to sustainability and exceptional event experiences further solidified SCMP’s position in the events industry. Razlan’s leadership and industry contributions, including his promotion and active participation in professional organizations, paint a clear picture of his success at SCMP Live.


The SCMP Live team delivered a year of exceptional outcomes, exceeding both revenue and profit targets. Despite navigating economic challenges and diverse event types, they achieved this success through innovative strategies.

By prioritizing speaker diversity, audience engagement through Q&A platforms and targeted networking, and inclusivity initiatives, the team fostered a valuable and engaging event experience. Their commitment to sustainability through carbon partnerships and reduced printing further solidified their impact. Additionally, creative elements like workshops, performances, and diverse speakers added dynamism to the events.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit 2024 exemplifies this success, exceeding financial targets and achieving high audience satisfaction. Similar initiatives across their event portfolio contributed to their overall achievements. SCMP Live’s dedication to innovation and audience engagement positions them as a leading event organizer, poised for continued success in the future.