Bonnie Wan

Bonnie Wan joined Natixis Investment Managers in 2019 as Vice President, Distribution Marketing and has since overseen the development and execution of marketing plans which produce compelling investment stories aimed at acquiring, retaining and expanding client relationships, differentiating the Company from its competitors whilst addressing specific client needs. Bonnie’s mantra is to change the perception of B2B marketing, which has long been dubbed as “business-to-boring” marketing, with the power of storytelling. With events being the core avenue of client outreach, engagement and knowledge sharing for the asset management industry, Bonnie stretches the story around events, ranging from pre-event, during event to post-event, giving events a heartbeat and making the audience the hero of the story. Bonnie’s events have consistently been commended with excellent contents, where clients get relevant and actionable information from the events, accelerating the sales pipeline, driving product consideration to support asset acquisition for the firm.