The Bulgari High Jewelry event successfully achieved its objectives of immersing guests in the brand’s rich heritage and showcasing its deep connection to the Mediterranean. Despite the challenge of shifting weather conditions, the event meticulously planned for guest comfort and adapted the setup accordingly. The 10-day exhibition served as the centerpiece, featuring new high jewelry pieces that narrated the journey of Sotirio Bulgari. Authentic Italian craftsmanship was integrated into the event, with handmade Venetian fabrics adorning the exhibition rooms and glass centerpiece pillars resembling ocean water. The strategic selection of venues, including the Modern Art Museum in Shanghai and the grand hall of the original Chamber of Commerce, created a sophisticated and seamless transition from the exhibition to the gala dinner. The event garnered significant attention and reinforced Bulgari’s status as a leading luxury brand through the presence of influential figures. Overall, the Bulgari High Jewelry event successfully showcased the brand’s heritage, craftsmanship, and allure.

Asahi Super Dry presents: The Art of Taste

Asahi Super Dry’s relaunch in Singapore coincided with a major operational shift from an external distributor to an owned distributorship and operating company, Capital F&B – a JV company of Asahi Europe & International. The result takes the form of immense pressure to deliver sales targets in 2024.

Facing strong competition from existing beer industry leaders, we decided to take an approach that was never done before in the beer category; creating an immersive trade show that disrupted the norm of sales tactics typically deployed by the market.

The trade show featured a sensorial brewery tour, an immersive masterclass and a public event which doubled as a showcase for how Asahi Super Dry will transform the key trade verticals of bars, coffeeshops and supermarkets.

The 15-day event drew 14,936 public attendees and achieved commitment from 88% of trade customers, which in turn, pre-secured 82% of our sales targets for 2024.

TCL Screen Universe – Display your True Power

In 2023, Chinajoy made a return to the digital entertainment stage at the Shanghai New International Expo. Taking the spotlight at this event was TCL CSOT, who unveiled their groundbreaking exhibtion area. Collaborating with industry powerhouses, they presented an impressive array of 31 cutting-edge technology products, all designed to push the boundaries of e-sports displays and their significance in the ever-evolving landscape of technological transformation.

TCL CSOT, seamlessly immerses attendees in a visionary “Screen Universe.” Themed “Inspire Greatness” and under the banner “TCL Screen Universe – Display your True Power,” the exhibit encourages unlocking gamers’ potential through cutting-edge displays, creating a captivating journey of experiential exploration.

Showcasing innovative e-sports displays and strengthening their leading role in the screen industry. They captured Generation Z’s imagination, solidifying TCL CSOT’s brand image and securing their leadership position. These results underscore the effectiveness of their creative approach and strong connection with the audience.