The Porsche Macan Launch

The Porsche Macan launch was a unique experience with creativity at its heart. They abandoned all constructs of a traditional car launch, and focused on bringing the spirit of the Macan to life through an immersive, emotive and captivating theatrical journey. For one evening, they created a journey in a 5000 sqm abandoned factory with a troupe of local and international performers for over 400 guests to unveil the new Porsche Macan to the China market in Shenzhen. Guests were part of a thrilling adventure from the city to the mountains bringing out the spirit and personality of the new Macan. As a result, the launch became the talk of the town. It was viewed over 33 million times online with over 5 million engagements in just under 72 hours after the launch. In addition, media and guests described the launch as “thrilling and Unforgettable” and called it an “Unexpected Thrilling Launch, Very Different from Other Brands.”


AUDITOIRE is an experiential marketing agency driven by creativity, expertise, and passion. They connect brands with culture by creating unforgettable live experiences that inspire, move, connect and engage with audiences, marking minds with unexpected ideas and cutting-edge technology.
They are a global agency with Asian headquarters located in Shanghai. They have further expanded to the Asia Pacific market through their Hong Kong office, providing their China-based clients with creative services to various international destinations.
Over the past year, they have experienced incredible growth, winning new great clients such as Volkswagen, Apple, and Fendi; delivering huge scale events such as “adidas Republic of Sports”, unique experiential events such as “All-New Lincoln Navigator China Launch”, multiple massive car launches such as “Volkswagen Brand China SUV Family Reveal & All-New Touareg World Premiere”; and fostering a team of 120 employees. Their ambition is to produce professional events with international standards of creativity and production excellency whenever, and, wherever, and to become the No. 1 Creative Leader in the experiential marketing industry in the Asia Pacific region. They believe in their power to deliver world-class experiential events thanks to their talented team, integrated services, and globalized network.