AUDITOIRE is an experiential marketing agency driven by creativity, expertise, and passion. We connect brands with culture by creating unforgettable live experiences that inspire, move, connect and engage with audiences, marking minds with unexpected ideas and cutting-edge technology. Over the past year, our growth has continued to thrive: winning new clients such as AIA, DIESEL, and Porsche; delivering huge scale events such as adidas Republic of Sports and the AIA Vitality New Wellness Platform Launch, and growing our team to 120 employees. We have also demonstrated remarkable growth in reaching the Asia Pacific market through our extended hubs in Hong Kong and Singapore. All our efforts and commitment to grow, have allowed us to spread our creativity wider and further.

Our ambition is to be the No. 1 Creative Leader in the event industry in the Asia Pacific region. We believe in our power to deliver world-class experiential events thanks to our talented team, integrated services, and globalized network. However, the event industry continues to evolve and so does the competition. It has been therefore important for us to stay on top of our game in the constantly changing environment.