Volkswagen ID.4 Press Event

The new ID.4 Press Event was the most innovative media event. Our challenge was that we could not invite many people to physical event because of the pandemic. So, we had to also engage the audience watching live streaming, and make the presentation easy to understand. We took the learnings from digital events we have done during pandemic, and implemented it to physical event to create effective hybrid event, such as the use of animations to highlight key phrases of presentation, and also creating immersive experiences. Moreover, we reduced the amount of waste as much as possible. Result shows that we were able to communicate the message effectively. After the event, client didn’t get many questions about presentation content because they understood very well (and asked other questions that were deeper). Also, audience from digital events were highly engaged. We got 80 likes from approx. 300 viewers.

Inspire Greatness with TCL

Our brief was focused on two key aspects: Increasing digital presence and to continue to build brand awareness. With more brands moving to online launches/event, how can TCL still stay relevant yet stand Great amongst the crowd.

The creative theme “Inspire Greatness” acted as a catalyst, by enabling viewers to be Inspired and fascinated by TCL products and how these products can allow them to do Great in their daily lives. This was all put together with a great script, an assemblement of relatable speakers, casts, great cinematography, stunning sets and not forgetting ultra sleek post-production,

This virtual launch, was more than just an product launch but rather a mini theatrical movie that was not only easily understandable by the viewer, but also kept them in their seats thirsting for more!

Metaverse Branch of 2022 World Design Cities Conference

Objective: The 2022 World Design Capital Conference will be held in Shanghai. In addition to the offline conference of Hope, we also hope to hold a Metacosmic World Design Capital Conference online at the same time. We hope to show the world the current development speed of China and the exploration progress of emerging science and technology fields in the future through diversified technologies and technologies.More than 280,000 people participated in the Yuan Universe sub venue for 4 days, experienced the Yuan Universe venue space, and about 50,000 people participated in the opening ceremony of the conference.

Give Lunch a Green Punch

The Quayside (TQS) promotes a sustainable lifestyle among tenants, commuters, and the neighbourhood as part of its place-making mission with ‘Give Lunch a Green Punch’ campaign. Using food and its related waste as a convenient and cost-effective motif, a green journey of food is illustrated through creative initiatives to inspire the audience to rethink their lunch habits from a waste-conscious angle. The journey, presented notably in a pop-up gallery occupying a vacant store and a ready-made green setting in the existing podium garden, is made sustainable with green dishes by F&B tenants, art piece and decorations from upcycled food packaging and materials, urban farming with food composting co-organised with NGO partner, and smart bike to turn excessive calories at lunch into harvestable energy – all rolled into a powerful drive towards a sustainable lifestyle. On a budget of HK$250K, the campaign is well-received with substantial results and vast media coverage.

Home, People, Light: Turn on your ideal living

Philips Lighting believes that light is essential for people to see clearly, live well and enjoy life. It’s all about bringing home the magic of light. On a small budget, we’ve free pitched several iconic places to create customized lighting performance, varied from city landmarks – The Bund to Shanghai aged villa, to coffee shops and young-targets-oriented flexible shared space. Through product bartering and professional lighting designs, we helped owners and customers “Turn On Their Ideal Living” – fully demonstrated the key functions of Philips lighting products under different living scenarios (to see well, function well and feel well) while drastically reducing our cost. The campaign has significantly increased the household numbers during the campaign period and has achieved a great result in mass communications through these lighting renovation cases and before/after comparisons, successfully enhancing the brand preference and expanding the market share in the field of consumer lighting.