Virtual Congress 2021

“We were engaged to create a virtual conference environment for CPA Australia’s Virtual Congress, a global annual event. The event hosting platform had limited options for visual customisation, so we created a completely bespoke solution that would set the event apart from other virtual events and showcase all the interactive elements on offer. While creating a platform that looked and felt innovative, it was also imperative to create an experience that felt reassuring to users less comfortable with virtual spaces, and that the platform’s features were accessible and easy to use.
We utilised 3D technology to design a concept that resembled a recognisable physical conference space and incorporated futuristic elements to represent the thought leadership and innovation of CPA, prioritising easy navigation and movement between formal presentation spaces and breakout areas. The event hosted 11,500 attendees who described the virtual experience as ‘absolutely amazing’.”

FairPrice Partners Excellence Awards 2021

“The FairPrice Partners Excellence Awards was launched in 2014 to honour our strategic partners who have displayed exemplary support in our product marketing and promotion initiatives for our shoppers. A physical gala event was planned in 2021 to honour their endearing efforts. However, with the unplanned spike in covid-19 cases, we transformed the physical event to a virtual one. 168 awards in 15 categories vis-a-vis a bespoke virtual stage, engaging live games and lucky draw were given out.
This virtual event recorded an astounding attendance of 1,000 pax; 1.8 times more than the previous physical event. Leveraging on this overwhelming response, we also launched a consumer facing campaign focused on these partners via an omni-channel campaign across print, in-store and digital highlighting an inaugural activation where shoppers voted for their favourite brands. The integrated campaign recorded 85% attendance satisfaction, 21% sales uplift and monetisation collection of $1.6M.”

Virtual Production 2.0:Yahoo DSP Summit

“Yahoo DSP summit is to promote our cookieless total solution. The theme “”Fearless Marketing”” comes from the cookieless crisis and COVID threat. This event includes 50-min DSP/cookieless speeches and a 20-min charity concert for the disadvantaged affected by COVID.

We used virtual production 2.0 to create this immersive virtual event. Yahoo TV is the first to use this technology to create AR + Simulation to shoot environment and it’s without any post production efforts. Everything can be revised concurrently and confirmed on site while shooting. The concept “”Fearless”” was interpreted by the perfect sync between the LED background and AR objects.

After the summit, 94.3% of attendees agree Yahoo TV is leading in advanced AR production and 94% of them would like to increase Yahoo DSP solutions spending. “ Yahoo shows unparalleled ambition in immersive technology ” Chris Chen, the CMO from ezTravel said.”

2021 HKJC Chinese New Year Raceday

“Attending the annual CNY Raceday hosted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) on the 3rd day of CNY (年初三) is one of the auspicious traditions carried out during CNY where many visit the Sha Tin Racecourse each year to partake in on-course festivities and try their luck with some horse betting. But with social distancing restrictions, physical attendance was limited to 609 visitors, a drastic decrease from 100K+ visitors in previous years.

To enable Hongkongers to re-experience their CNY Raceday tradition, HKJC developed the first-ever immersive virtual racecourse, the HKJC CNY Fortune Parade where HKJC brought iconic on-course only experience and activities onto a virtual platform for Hongkongers to re-experience the CNY Raceday in the comfort of one’s home via mobile without entry limitation.

The innovative virtual experience helped break engagement records and HKJC even achieved a new all-time high turnover on the day.”

EY Transformation Realised Oceania

“Transformation Realised was a uniquely data driven, adaptive virtual learning experience that tracked audience understanding in real-time, resulting in unprecedented learning outcomes.

The challenge was engaging a highly sophisticated audience through a virtual experience, in a way that will measurably increase their understanding of EY’s Transformation Strategy, and how to apply it.

We created the HIVE MIND, a real-time, dynamic interactive data visualisation that acted as a centerpiece to the show, allowing presenters to draw out insights and alter the course of the experience to better aid audience comprehension.

A dynamic two-way learning experience that metamorphosised to adapt to audience comprehension. Audience engagement allowed a tailored learning experience based on their evolving needs.

We were able to definitively measure an increase in understanding for the first time––in this case, an incredible 12% uplift in a single event (and an external gold Learning and Culture Award for the client).”

Ultimate Royale, Presented by Twitch

Why not play at work? Ditching the usual pitch decks and zoom webinars, Ultimate Royale, presented by Twitch, is a virtual esports tournament, exclusively designed for our agency partners. This bespoke experience allowed us to network with our agency partners in a refreshingly new way and also enabled them to embrace the magic of Twitch in the most direct and authentic way possible. Competing head to head over fan favourite Overcooked! 2, the tournament was live streamed by a large audience, as participants experienced the thrill of being an esports competitor. Clocking over 5,200 hours watched, 56,000 views and 5,000 chat messages, Ultimate Royale made its successful debut in Singapore and Taiwan and was well-received by viewers and participants alike, with the majority responding that they will participate again next year.

HiPhi Z Launch Machine with A Soul 2041

“HiPhi, a China’s premium new energy brand created by Human Horizons, planned to unveil another sci-fi flagship model, the HiPhi Z, Digital GT (Grand Tourer), an evolvable concept car of the future.

Inspired by its futuristic positioning, we endowed the HiPhi Z as a machine alive with a humanlike soul 2041, a vehicle essentially playing the role of a conduit to the future. Besides, we drew parallels between science, art, human imagination, and sensory experience to create a sci-fi film truly special for this new model as the premiere at the IMAX auditorium.

By collecting talents and technical solutions from all over the world, we were able to unite design, technology, and space into new experiences that evoked emotions in each and every spectator while precisely delivering brand message to the intended audience by paralleling metaverse marketing within real-life marketing in our approaches.”