Tiffany & Co. Vision & Virtuosity Exhibition

To salute the 180th anniversary of Tiffany & Co., this legendary Jewelry family has cooperated with Natalie Crinière, Agence NC and Activation Event Shanghai to present the Vision & Virtuosity Exhibition at Fosun Foundation in Shanghai, in 2019. The exhibition was consisted of six chapters, which were the Blue Is the Color of Dreams, The World of Tiffany, The Tiffany Blue Book, Tiffany Love, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Diamonds: Miracles of Nature, have showed the historical stories, brilliant design, and astonished technology of Tiffany & Co. More than three hundred works created a romantic, sweet, and dream world by combining multiple elements, included the well-known yellow diamond, blood diamond, Montana sapphire, moonstone, broches, different versions of Tiffany Blue boxes, realistic scene of Fifth Avenue, and even the handwritten notes of Audrey Hepburn, which have attracted around one thousand hundred people to visit during the exhibition.

Google for Indonesia

With low Internet penetration in Indonesia, Google faced challenges in raising awareness and understanding of its product offerings and their ability to drive business objectives. As a result, many businesses rely on traditional media instead of tapping on the power of digital marketing. To combat this, our strategy was to create an experience that showcased Google’s full spectrum of offerings and let attendees experience the magic of Google’s products first-hand in an interactive and memorable way. The solution was Taman Ria Google, a carnival park-style experience that brought to life Google’s brand characteristics and values – fun, creativity and exploration. For marketers and analysts, we specifically crafted in-depth learning tracks to provide informational value that matched their level of expertise. Taman Ria was a huge success, receiving highly positive feedback from attendees. Post-event survey results showed increased interest and intention to incorporate Google’s products into campaign strategy.

Timeless Machine, Porsche 911 Legends Exhibition

Timeless Machine – Exhibition of the Porsche 911 Legends is a public event dedicated to the Porsche 911 Story, aiming at bringing the Porsche 911 closer to the public as a sports car & product design icon and building an emotional and aspirational connection between audience and the car.

At the occasion of the launch of the new Porsche 911, we created an exhibition which guided visitors through the heritage, design, lifestyle and racing victories of the legendary Porsche 911 and its previous seven generations.

The 10-day exhibition surpassed given targets by 223% with more than 18,000 on-site visits, 22 million online impressions and a total of 2,232 clippings were monitored, reaching an audience of 298.6 million+ people with the PR Value of 384.5 million RMB.

Kiehl’s Made Better Exhibition

Kiehl’s has always been a brand that dedicates to the sustainability of earth. And as year 2019 was the 10th anniversary of Kiehl’s entering China market, they decided to celebrate it with an event that celebrates the love for earth (Kiehl’s Made Better). For this event, we designed a pure natural environment exhibition that dedicates to the 5 main values of Kiehl’s Made Better project to invoke aspirations of visitors to the love for our planet earth. In which, all the construction materials used are sustainable and re-usable; and all the plants used for the event have been donated to charity association (扬帆计划). In addition, within the event, we have associated with different environmental protection designer / photographer / association to present their views on how to “Made Better” for our planet earth.

Cargill & Heifer International – Hatching Hope Cambodia

Too often do we find ourselves trapped in a feel-good CSR activity, thinking we will make a difference. In the context of a Regional Customer Meeting, the CSR component that is traditionally part of the design, went from being one element to defining it entirely.
Hatching Hope is the collaboration of two specialists in nutrition and farming with one of the most recognized NGO worldwide, with a bold goal of helping 100 million families of farmers thrive by 2030.
Cargill & Heifer created Hatching Hope, a program that shows how by seeding support, we foster engagement and the whole community benefits.
The program combined education, onsite building of chicken coops and financial support through a fundraising dinner in Siem Reap.
The lasting result is a deep understanding, a fruitful partnership and the passing on the gift principle – benefiting entire communities for generations to come.

TEDxSydney 2019

Not-for-profit organisation TEDxSydney – Australia’s leading ideas platform – wanted to celebrate its ten-year anniversary and the people who attend, while staying true to its values around sustainability and education and bringing the 2019 theme of ‘Legacy’ to life in compelling ways.

Sustainable highlights include a partnership with 107 Projects on an unmissable wayfinding solution and backdrop for the main stage, which was made from re-purposed nylon netting and calico, and the various activations within the hub, such as the Sustainability tribe hosted upcyling demonstrations from Reverse Garbage, and Keen Town Projects educated attendees about composting.

Elsewhere, clearly visible water refill stations and bubblers courtesy of Sydney Water and Meet PAT were placed throughout as a means of minimising plastic water bottle usage, Pepe Saya created bespoke biodegradable packaging especially for the event, and Harris Farm showcased and educated attendees about their IMPERFECT PICKS range.

vivo ChinaJoy 2019

China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) is the largest gaming and digital entertainment expo. More than 300 leading game and digital entertainment companies, and over 5,000 devices and smart entertainment gadgets are prepared for attendees to experience. vivo, a China-based domestic smartphone maker, planned to make a debut of its new 5G smartphone 1Q00 and showcase how its product (featuring AI-technology) is the best choice for hardcore esports fans.
Top notch esports teams were invited to make appearances at the show to reflect the theme “Outsmart. Outplay.” To outshine other exhibitors, we proposed a virtual esports activation by inviting teams to challenge and outplay an AI-driven virtual esports team called Suprex, which was jointly developed by vivo, iQOO, Qualcomm, and Tencent. The vivo exhibit activation resulted in 14,849 on-ground engagements, vivo booth welcomed 130,000 visitors, which is over 35% of the total visitor count for the 4-day show.