Magic Wonderland

The Campaign “Magic Wonderland” at Chengdu IFS presents the most magical and most crystallized moment in 2019 New Year Eve. The first and ever shopping mall in China integrated the latest cutting-edge 3D holographic visual technology makes the magical moment floating in mid-air.

In merging of advance 3D Hologram Technology into an Artistic Diamond Dome Structure Design creating an extraordinary visual experience and unique & romantic atmosphere under a starry night to share the joy in 2019. Establishing a brand-new perspective in creativity and visibility of artistic design into a new 3D hologram technology era.

One of the most meaningful features is the modern artistic dome structure built above an Ancient Chinese Historic Site in result a well presentation of the transition from the old to the new and it delivers an amazing and immersive 3D visual that floats in mid-air with holographic effect to human eyes

Verizon Media XR Live Show

AR is one of Taiwan users’ most anticipated 5G applications. Our objectives are to enhance Verizon Media AR leadership and to increase marketer’s investment in our AR solution. We decided to build The First XR Live Show in Taiwan. The challenge was that Live XR demo contains huge risks.

The 5 main pillar technologies of the show were: ”Virtual Character”, “Motion Capture”, “Facial Capture”, “AR”, and “XR Live”. Our biggest breakthrough was combining real human, AR and Xsens motion capture all in a live interactive performance. Furthermore, we included the guests as part of the show. The attendees’ wristbands lit up according to the plot and became weapons to slay the virtual dragon, which blurred the line between virtual and reality.

“Verizon Media showed the possibility of AR development in the future.” The Chief Digital Officer of Dentsu Aegis Network praised our show.

Technology Enhanced, AI Powered Event Amplification

MGallery is located in Huashan1914 Creative Park, a great place for outdoor events since the park always has organic visitor traffics on weekends. However, MGallery is a 3 months long campaign! As current people have fragmented attention, it is a big deal to generate event freshness and interest continuously during 3 months, without relying on holiday traffics. By leveraging technology to implement a real-time optimization of the campaign. To meet and amplify campaign traffics target, enhance customer relationship and deliver best brand experience through a comprehensive data-driven, technology supported strategy. Eventually generated NT$8 million earned media value, measured by 3rd party specialist, over 25k visitors exceeded estimation by 250%, 4.4x CTR performance versus benchmark, 180+ man hours saved by automated system, and over 345k engagement within the period.

Nyalakan Indonesia

The biggest target market, Indonesia’s younger generation, lacked financial literacy and had no interest to learn about it yet. They also inherited a deeply ingrained inferiority complex, thanks to 3.5 centuries of colonization by other countries, making them skeptical to the idea that Indonesians are just as capable to reach global success as people from other countries. OCBC NISP wanted to be the one to inspire and motivate them so they could reach their dreams.
In 2019, we launched a new digital bundling product called Nyala (spark/flame/light), to improve their financial habit and grow their assets while still enjoying life. Aligning the customer insights and the Nyala product roles, we formulated the campaign #NyalakanIndonesia. The Big Idea for the campaign was: “Any Indonesian can be a world-class star.” We aimed to inspire through living examples – the influential people who had raised Indonesia’s reputation in the eyes of the world.

PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con

To boost awareness of the Grand Finals of the PVP community leagues in 2019, PVP assembled a regional network of gaming and esports personalities who would sustain fan engagement in the lead up to and during PVP Esports @ SGCC.

PVP engaged 18 top-tier influencers with a combined international following of 27 million. Cosplay queen Alodia and champion Dota 2 player Topson led the pack of shoutcasters, content creators and streamers.
In addition to content creation, PVP also purposefully included these influencers in the programming through panel discussions, audience engagement activities and meet-and-greets to create an exciting overall roster of activities and touchpoints for fans.

The event hit its all-time attendance high, attracting nearly 55,000 visitors. 96% of visitors polled said they would definitely attend another PVP Esports event in 2020 and in particular, “influencer meet & greets”, “cosplay” and “panel discussions” were amongst the top 5 activities they enjoyed.

AI Powered & Data Driven Influencer Management

Influencer marketing is an effective approach to gain immediate awareness of the event, but has challenges of its own, as consumers are getting fatigued to contents and true value of influencer marketing is difficult to measure. Besides, MGallery is a 3-month long event that needs to recruit event visitors and keep the momentum of the event at the same time.
Moreover, Influencer marketing is not just about paid influencers but also everyone who influences their circle of friends. Hence by leveraging event visitors’ influencing power on their own social media channel, extending the communication via innovative mechanism are the key to break through the barrier of physical event.