Known for making fun and exciting ice cream experiences,, Ben & Jerry’s introduced two new flavours in June 2017 – Truffle Kerfuffle and Urban Bourbon. While both delicious, the flavours had little in common. The challenge was to find a way to create a joint interest in the two unique flavours that would engage consumer interest and build brand love.

To solve this challenge, #FlavourKnockout was born. The strategy of uniting consumer love for the flavours, turned out to be to pit them against each other. We personified the characteristics of Truffle Kerfuffle and Urban Bourbon by transforming them into versions of our beloved mascot Woody, Truffle Kerfuffle being classy gentleman and Urban Bourbon a bold hipster.

Through media activation we drove both excitement and desirability encouraging fans to pick a side in #FlavourKnockout and hosting the Ultimate Showdown event, where moo-niacs could sample both flavours. The result was joint love for both of the unique flavours and overwhelming success in the media.

Jack Morton Worldwide

Welcome to District Legend, where you can Live Your Legend through Harley-Davidson, a downtown pop-up across 2nd Tier cities in China to immerse you in the new blacked-out world of Harley.
A blacked-out container-style pop-up packed full of brand experiences, live music and partner brand activations, the traveling pop-up went to 6 different 2nd tier cities in China – all with large populations of around 7-15 million people in each. With no advertising dollars to attach to the campaign, we ensured that the main channel of communication was actually the location of the pop-up itself – in the most popular downtown shopping malls in each city (with one exception being at a film studio in Hengdian).
Reaching a new younger audience than ever before for the brand in China, we helped Harley-Davidson engage its local dealerships to invite all of its prospects and customers, plus reach out to the HOGs (Harley Owner Groups) in each of the cities to create a rally of Harleys to kick-off the weekends, create a community of those riders and, literally, create a huge amount of noise in each city.

Ogilvy Beijing

In order to celebrate International Coffee Day 2017, NESCAFÉ wanted to launch a pop-up café to build a meaningful brand image through providing consumers with an exceptional coffee experience.
We chose Beijing’s most popular fashion landmark, Taikoo Li Sanlitun, as the location for our café, giving the Sense Café a convenient and attractive location, and created the café based on the theme of “senses”, with five sense spaces designed by renowned architect Shuhei Aoyama. The famous barista Wei Hanye specially designed five brand-new coffees corresponding to the 5 senses, showing the abundance of possibilities with NESCAFÉ products. To ensure wider attention and increase online buzz about the Sense Café, we invited Li Yifeng, one of China’s most popular young actors, to act as honorary café manager, and over the only seven days the café was open, long queues of visitors stretched around the café.
Closely interconnecting online and offline communication, and carefully planning our communication approach and content, we built NESCAFÉ Sense Café into a phenomenal brand event.


IBM with GPJ support

IBM Forum was a famous event branding with a history of 15 years, and IBM Forum 2017 elaborated & brought hot topics to audience in a powerful way supported by latest technology that was effectively used. Besides speeches, the best use of technology in the event has brought unique and rich experience to all audience. It was a shining highlight.
With clear strategy we leveraged latest technology to do interactive demo innovation to achieve the target! 58 demos etc were built as execution. Combination of cognitive learning, cloud computing, IOT, block-chain technology and difference displaying & mobile technology etc. have promoted IBM in a way of practical and inspiring style! During the event day, there were 1,961 external visitors joined and 12,998 internal employees actively engaged. There were 21,000 times of demo visits, and 95 media were attracted by it, bringing in 5,270,000 online synchronous watches. The huge amount word of mouth that generates during the event lead to a coverage of 49,000,000 online traffic, with 655,000 communications through online and offline thereafter. The lifespan of the event extended. The successful event again showed IBM as the great leader in IT industry with excellent solutions and commercial practice.


Porsche China Digital Toolkit for Showrooms:
The automotive industry is thriving to utilize the newest technologies to foster interactive customer experiences, thus gaining a market advantage over competitors. Porsche China is also following up in this area, trying to introduce new innovations to the dealer network with the aim of improving in-store brand & customer experience.
For this purpose, Porsche China asked the bidding agencies to develop a concept for a Digital Toolkit for its showrooms, consisting of a series of elements that emotionalize Porsche showrooms in China and guarantee customers a unique experience and exciting journey, can be quickly introduced in the market as attraction milestones with an adequate cost, value balance, making them appealing for the franchisees, fit the architectural language of the Porsche dealerships through a timeless and clear concept reflecting the values of the Porsche brand: precision, innovation, technical perfection, can be adapted to different situations throughout the dealer network without major construction works in the facility.
Our toolkit concept consisted of eight interactive modules, out of which Porsche selected three for production in 2017, with the aim of continuously adding further modules in 2018 and 2019.


George P. Johnson

BLCC is a global bartender competition format running across 38 markets. In 2017, the business performance pressure required Bacardi China to deliver ROI on all marketing activities. BLCC which was a traditionally trade focused campaign needed a disruptive transformation, forcing it to drive revenue whilst staying true to being a bartender focused brand program. The agency creatively introduced opportunities for consumers to be part of the competition from watching the competition live, to voting for the nation’s most popular mixologist and also ultimately buying the product on eCommerce. All first of its kind for BLCC. This delivered revenue growth and increase in trade recognition. All these are never done before feat, and made the Bacardi China team tremendously proud.Our creative ideas drove bold evolution with the competition format. Elevating the bartenders into the stars of a reality entertainment platform and then seamlessly driving consumers through a ‘shopper journey’ to effectively land them into ‘buying zones.’ This immersive approach generated sales and enabled us to meet the campaign revenue objectives. For the Bartenders, it opens up amazing opportunities with the new found fame.