C12. Best Sustainability Award

This category open to agencies, organizers, suppliers or venues, celebrates sustainable initiatives with the sustainability measures.

The long-term impact on the surrounding communities as well as the facility will be considered in the adjudication.

C11. Best Digital Experience

This award recognises the best campaign that reached its target audience effectively and conveyed the organisation’s message through online platforms. This category is open to any one-off or ongoing campaign or initiative. Supporting details for this category: PR and communication strategies implemented on web-based/mobile channels, usage of mobile and rationale for using the platform.

C10. Best Use of Social Media

This category celebrates and awarded to the most effective social media campaigns and strategies and give recognition to those who are using social media to communicate in exciting and innovation ways.

Judges will be looking for the most effective or creative use of digital or social media channels. These may include use of social platforms, blogs, mobile applications, or other emerging tools that are popular in Asia Pacific.

C09. Best Use of Technology

This award will be given to a company that has effectively used the latest technology to enhance an event. Evidence how you have incorporated the latest technological innovations to create buzz, deepen audience engagement, and extend the lifespan and legacy of an event.

Judges will be recognising an outstanding achievement or innovation in the use of technical production or technology for an event or events.

C08. Best Brand Activation

This award will celebrate the most effective, attention-grabbing brand activation. Judges will be looking for relevance and creativity. Please include information on the aim, size of the event and whether it stood alone or was part of a larger campaign.

C07. Best Experiential Marketing

This category will focus on how the audience experienced the brand through technology, innovation and creativity.

Judges will look for overall execution of the event, marketing strategy to meet core business objectives and engagement of target audience.

C06. Best Creative Idea

This award recognizes outstanding creative event including brand experiences and industry showcases and events.

Judges will be looking for how theming, design, entertainment, catering, lighting, innovation and use of new technology. Feedback and experience from clients and guests.

C05. Best Use of Influencer

This category awards the most effective and engaging KOL influencer to raise brand awareness, attendance to event/exhibition.

Judges will look for creativity and content to build viral buzz to promote the event meeting core objectives and ROI.

C04. Best Trade Show/Exhibition/Conference

This category will be awarded to agencies which have held innovative and outstanding experience for the audience. Include event budget and critical path or proof of production components and how this was managed.

Judges will look for overall impact, layout, creativity, objectives and execution of the event, marketing strategy to meet core business objectives and engagement of target audience.

C03. Best Corporate Event

This category recognizes an outstanding corporate/business event that effectively communicates to its audience.

Judges will look for evidence that achieves business core objectives, reaching target audience.