AG04. Best Event Product/Service (NEW)

This category recognises all types of robust products or services implemented and used to maximise value, functionality and substantially elevated the experience and scaled up event capabilities. This includes and is not limited to physical products and solutions such as APP, platform, software, and AV systems.

AG03. Best Event Organiser (NEW)

This award recognises event organisers who have excelled and set the benchmark for the industry. Entry should demonstrate how the team delivered a truly unique experience for the audience, showcased creative solutions with faultless execution, and in line with the client objectives.

AG02. Best Brand Experience Agency

This award recognises the agencies for providing the best event/experiential marketing solutions and specialising in comprehensive brand building and creation for the brands, their customers, and employees in providing an exceptional brand experience for end-user.

AG01. Best Boutique Agency

This award recognises the small-sized agencies which have managed to deliver exemplary results and have shown considerable success. Open to agencies with no more than 20 staff, limited to independent agencies only and any start up with a minimum 24-months in operations.