C15. Best Experiential Brand (NEW)

This award recognises the brand that has created the most unique and immersive event to engage and amplify the brand’s message, product, or service. Judges will be looking for the marketing strategy, creativity, and brands that deploy experiential executions.

C14. Best Event Production

This award recognises the most creative and exceptional event production that increased the experience, and audience engagement, demonstrating an understanding of the target market. Entrants must demonstrate originality, a creative approach, working within budget and how the event was developed in relation to the objectives.

C13. Best Engaging Event

This category recognises any type of event that reaches an exceptional level of audience engagement. The entry should demonstrate creativity, innovative tactics, and a variety of engagement options that helped increase audience interaction. Results should include engagement strategy, key metrics, and KPIs in relation to the client’s objectives.

C12. Best Digital Experience

This award recognises the best event or campaign that reached its target audience effectively and conveyed the message through digital platforms such as social media, live feeds, extended reality (AR/VR/MR), and more on any interactive platform enhancing customer experience.

C11. Best Creative Idea

This award recognises an exceptional event that was both creative and innovative. Entries must demonstrate how the event engaged with its audience through innovation, visual design, entertainment, and the use of technology.

C10. Best Cost-Effective Event

This award recognises the most cost-effective event held. Entries should provide the total breakdown cost that generated a high impact and delivered exceptional results using a small budget.

C09. Best Corporate Event

This award celebrates an outstanding corporate or business event that effectively engaged its audience and met company objectives, including those achieved on a virtual platform that provided a one-of-a kind online experience.

C08. Best Content Marketing

This award recognises the best content-driven campaign or event of a broader campaign that demonstrated how content was incorporated throughout, innovation and creativity as well how it had a positive and tangible effect on the audience’s experience.

C07. Best Cause-Related Event (NEW)

This award recognises events that have made major contributions to promoting and/or raising awareness of a specific cause related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or charitable events.

C06. Best Business Solution

This category emphasises how business objectives are met through understanding the brand’s challenges and how these outcomes were achieved, as well as how the event was delivered including pre-event research, creativity, innovation in content, logistics, and post-event analysis.