C35. Best Use of Influencers/KOLs

This category awards the most effective use of KOLs/influencers to raise brand awareness and engagement for the target audience with exceptional results. The judges will be looking for creativity and content to generate viral buzz to promote the event/campaign while meeting core objectives and ROI. This may include experts, bloggers, celebrities etc.

C34. Best Trade Show/Exhibition/Conference

This award recognises the most innovative and flawlessly executed event to meet core business objectives through effective communication, engagement, and exceptional experience throughout the entire event journey. Entries should include the event budget as well as a critical path or proof of production components and how they were managed.

C33. Best Sports Event

The award recognises the most innovative and effective live (in-person) sports/e-sport event, including but not limited to competitions, tournaments, sports activities, gaming, etc.

C32. Best Sponsorship

This award recognises the most creative and innovative way of executing the sponsorship activities and how they have achieved the brand’s objectives while reaching a targeted audience. Entries should clearly state the objectives of sponsorship, demonstrate creative examples of activation and/or engagement with a wider audience, and show relevance to the event and stakeholders.

C31. Best Retail/Mall/Pop-Up Event

This award recognises the best event setup inside a mall and/or retailer environment, including pop-up shops, e-commerce
platforms, and showrooms that creatively engage shoppers through activities or programmes.

C30. Best Public Event

This award recognises events that have significant contributions to promoting public events by raising awareness or changing attitudes/behaviours towards a public concern/issue. If related to DEI, charitable cause, please enter the Best Cause-Related Event category.

C29. Best PR Stunt

This award recognises the most innovative, out-of-the-box marketing campaign designed to generate buzz and get people talking. Entries should evidence clever marketing strategies for increasing brand exposure, customer loyalty, and public awareness.

C28. Best Outdoor Event

This category is awarded to all types of outdoor events, whether large-scale or small-scale pop-up stores. This may include any activities/events or as part of a larger integrated campaign to help brands in increasing engagement with their target audience and attracting sponsorship.

C27. Best Media Event

This award recognises media or press-related events targeted at journalists, bloggers, and/or influencers. The entry should include measurable results that amplify the brand’s presence and how the media is immersed in a brand experience.

C26. Best Live Streaming Experience

This category recognises the best live streamed event (including pre-recorded videos streamed live) that increased engagement through technology and effectively leveraged platforms to improve the overall experience. Entries should include innovative marketing strategies, show seamless execution, and demonstrate success through measurable engagement rates, impact, and ROI.