GP02. Best of Event Agency (NEW)

This category is only applicable to agencies and cannot be entered directly.

This award will be given to an individual agency office within single market that obtains the highest aggregated score, with a minimum of (three) 3 Gold wins, followed by Silver and Bronze.

Points are allocated as follows:

Gold – 10 points
Silver – 8 points
Bronze – 6 points

GP01. Best of Brand Experience

This category is only applicable to brand campaigns and cannot be entered directly.

The judges will decide and present this ultimate accolade to the entry with the highest aggregated score as determined by our points below. To be eligible, you must have a minimum of (three) 3 Gold wins, followed by Silver and Bronze in the same campaign.

Points are allocated as follows:

Gold – 10 points
Silver – 8 points
Bronze – 6 points

AG04. Best Event Products/Services

This category recognises all types of robust products or services that have been implemented and used to maximise value and functionality, substantially elevate the experience, and scale up event capabilities. This includes but is not limited to physical products and solutions like APPs, platforms, software, and AV systems.

AG03. Best Event Organiser

This award recognises event organisers who have excelled and set the industry standard. The entry should demonstrate how the team provided a truly unique experience for the audience, showcased creative solutions with flawless execution, and aligned with the client’s goals.

AG02. Best Brand Experience Agency

This award recognises agencies that deliver the best event/experiential marketing solutions, as well as those who specialise in holistic brand building and creation for brands, their consumers, and employees, in order to provide an extraordinary brand experience for end-users.

AG01. Best Boutique Agency

This award recognises small-sized agencies that have proven significant accomplishments while delivering excellent results. Open to agencies with no more than 20 employees, limited to independent agencies only, and any start-up with a minimum of 24 months in operations.

C39. Innovative Use of Virtual Platform

This award recognises the best virtual or hybrid event hosted on single or multiple platforms using cutting-edge technology. Judges will be looking for seamless integration with the event’s objectives as well as evidence of effective communication, engagement, and experience throughout the event.

C38. Best Virtual Event Experience

This award recognises the best interactive virtual or hybrid event, which includes festivals, entertainment, training workshops, webinars, and virtual conferences/trade shows.

C37. Best Use of Technology

This award recognises the most effective use of technology. Entries should show how you used technological advances to generate buzz, increase audience engagement, and enhance the customer experience.

C36. Best Use of Sustainability

This award recognises an event that best incorporates and promotes sustainability using eco-friendly venues and suppliers, which results in a lower carbon footprint. Judges will look for evidence of integrating sustainable green practices from planning to execution.