P03. Best Event Marketing Team

The award recognises the heads of agencies nationally who have individually done the most to advance their agency/network in the industry.

Judges will look for examples of teamwork, overcoming obstacles and success of events through tangible results.

P01. Agency Head of the Year

The award recognises the heads of agencies nationally who have individually done the most to advance their agency/network in the industry.

Judges will consider the individual’s achievements including achievement against objectives, agency/network development and contribution to the industry in his or her market.

P02. Event Strategist of the Year

This award recognises best agency or in-house professionals or team with excellent performance working efficiently and effectively with outstanding results during the eligibility period.

Judges will look for individuals that can demonstrate innovation, skills, enthusiasm, contribution to the agency and client, and challenges faced by pandemic such as new working practices.

AG02. Best Brand Experience Agency

This award recognises the agencies in providing the best event/experiential marketing solutions and specialising in comprehensive brand building and creation for the brands, their customers, and employees in providing exceptional brand experience for end-user.

AG01. Best Boutique Agency

This award recognises the small sized agencies which has managed to deliver exemplary results and have shown considerable success. Open to agencies with no more than 20 staff.

C33. Innovative Use of Virtual Platform

This award recognises the best virtual / hybrid event that was hosted on single or multiple platforms incorporating innovative technology.

Judges will be looking for seamless integration with the event’s objectives and demonstrate the effective communication, engagement, and experience across the entire event journey.

C32. Best Virtual Event Experience

This award celebrates the most interactive virtual experience recognizes the best virtual/hybrid event including festivals, entertainment, training workshops, webinars, virtual conference/trade show.

C31. Best Use of Technology

This award celebrates the effective use of technology that successfully leveraged technology to create a positive impact. Entries that demonstrate how you have incorporated the technological innovations to create buzz, deepen audience engagement and improved customer experience.

C30. Best Use of Influencer

This category awards the most effective use of KOL/influencer to raise brand awareness and demonstrated exceptional results. Judges will look for creativity and content to build viral buzz to promote the event meeting core objectives and ROI.

C29. Best Trade Show / Exhibition / Conference

This award recognises the most innovative and seamlessly executed event to meet core business objectives with effective communication, engagement, and outstanding experience across the entire event journey. Entries to include event budget and critical path or proof of production components and how this was managed.