GP02. Best of Brand Experience

** This category cannot be entered directly and applicable to brand company only.

Judges will decide and present this ultimate accolade to the most outstanding of an individual brand that obtains the highest aggregate score from points allocated for all of the campaign categories.

Points allocation as follows: Gold – 10 points; Silver – 8 points; Bronze – 6 points.

GP01. Experiential Marketing Agency of the Year

This award recognises the agencies in providing the best event marketing or experiential marketing solutions.

Judges will look into achievement, business growth, client relationships and staff retention. How the agency has played a positive role in advancement and reputation of the industry.

P03.Event Team of the Year (Agency)

This category recognizes the best agency team. The award will honor the team with excellent performance working efficiently and effectively with outstanding results during the review period.

Judges will look for entries that can demonstrate both creativity and proven ROI. How the team effort has resulted in flawless events, a rises in business and a seamless working style that others envy.

P01. The Rising Star

This category celebrates the achievements and open to professionals who are under the age of 30 as of 7 January, 2019.

The individuals who has made a significant impact or given outstanding contribution and with most positive change on his/her organization and/or industry during the eligibility period.

Judges will look for evidence of the individual’s outstanding achievements during the eligibility period, creativity and innovation with results as well as the nominee’s ability and willingness to extend their range of skills.

C22. Best Public Event

This award recognises events with significant contributions in promoting public event. Events can include theatre events, fairs, festivals, entertainment, cause-related, performances and leisure events.

Judges will look at how you contribute to social and cultural cohesion, diversity and cultural development. How you demonstrate the contributions by empowering and supporting a community initiative. How you drive brand awareness, engagement with audience and sales that led to an exceptional public event.

C21. Best Production

This award recognises the most creative and outstanding production of an event.

Judges will look at how you demonstrate you were instrumental to the build and derig stages and go above and beyond the call of duty.

C20. Best Game Changer

This award recognizes the best event, brand experience that changed the face of live events. Demonstrate what the game changing experience/innovation consisted of, every element which added to the overall outcome.

Judges will look at element of innovation and differentiation, how to show it is out of the box or a step above the rest.

C01. Best Launch

This category awarded to the event that first launched, re-launched or repositioned a product or service. Evidence of seamless execution, engagement of target audience through social and digital platforms and demonstrate how the idea achieving core business objectives.

Judges will look for creative/innovative solution on initial launch, re-launch of repositioned product/service.

C02. Best Live Event

This award celebrates the most innovative live event. Evidence how you executed a hyper-creative and high-tech event that engaged audiences before, during and after the final act.

Show how you transformed a mundane space and/or conventional programme with technology, art and live performances to create an exciting and memorable experience for all.

C03. Best Corporate Event

This category recognizes an outstanding corporate/business event that effectively communicates to its audience.

Judges will look for evidence that achieves business core objectives, reaching target audience.