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  • C01. Best Arts & Cultural Event (NEW)

    This award celebrates the best event in arts and culture including art events, exhibitions, gallery, theatre, music concerts, artistic competition etc. This can be virtual events, festivals, and fairs.

  • C02. Best Audio Visual

    This award recognises the best of audio and visual solution which has visually enhanced the event to engage the audience creatively and innovatively that delivered unique experience to the audience.

  • C03. Best Brand Activation

    This award recognises the most effective, attention-grabbing brand activation that demonstrate relevance, creativity, and audience engagement. This may include but not limited to product launch, social media activation, virtual event, etc.

  • C04. Best Brand Experience - B2B

    This award recognises the events with a commercial purpose targeted to business customers/trade partners. How brands use technology to offer unique and immersive digital experiences interacting with its audience through creativity and engagements.

  • C05. Best Brand Experience - B2C

    This award recognises brand or agency that has achieved the brand’s objectives and delivered the best consumer experience that surpassed all expectations.

  • C06. Best Business Solution

    The category emphasises on how business objectives are met through understanding the brand's challenges and how were these outcome as well as how the event was delivered including pre-event research, creativity and innovation in content, logistics and post event analysis.

  • C07. Best Content Marketing (NEW)

    This award recognises the best content driven campaign or event of a larger campaign that demonstrated how the content was infused throughout the campaign or specific events, and evidence that it had a positive and tangible effect on audience’s experience.

  • C08. Best Corporate Event

    This category recognises an outstanding corporate / business event that effectively engaged with its audience that achieves business core objectives including on virtual platform that offers unique online experience.

  • C09. Best Cost-Effective Event (NEW)

    This award will celebrate the most cost-effective event held. Entrants will require to provide the overall breakdown cost to create a high impact and deliver great results on a relatively low budget.

  • C10. Best Creative Idea

    This award recognises outstanding event that was creative and innovative. Entries to demonstrate how the event engaged with its audience using innovation, visual design, entertainment, and use of technology.

  • C11. Best Digital Experience

    This award recognises the best event/ campaign that reached its target audience effectively and conveyed the organisation’s message through digital platforms such as social media, live feeds, Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR) and more on any interactive platforms enhancing customer experience.

  • C12. Best Event Production

    This award recognises most creative and outstanding production of an event that resulted in high audience engagement and meeting business objectives.

  • C13. Best Experiential Marketing

    This award recognises the event that creates best brand experience through technology, innovation, and creativity to meet core business objectives and audience engagement with fully immersive experiences bringing brands to life and interact directly with the target audience.

  • C14. Best Game Changer

    This award recognises the most outstanding event and best brand experience that demonstrated the game changing experience. Provide element of innovation and differentiation, showing how it is out of the box or a step above the rest.

  • C15. Best Gamification (NEW)

    This award recognises the best gamification which offered the experience enhances engagement, interaction, and loyalty to the brand within any type of events that describe the challenges, strategies and innovation that influence behaviour, create brand awareness, and incentivize customer engagement.

  • C16. Best Health & Wellness Event (NEW)

    This award recognises the event that promotes health, work-life balance and overall well-being that drives brand awareness and increase customer engagement which inspires and educates in cultivating better health and well-being.

  • C17. Best Incentive

    This award recognises Corporate related events/activities that intended to reinforce the relationship or achievement of specific goals and serves as a reward with customers, employees, or partners. You can include incentive which addressed the needs and support to employees/ customers during the pandemic and how this elevate morale and improve productivity.

  • C18. Best Integrated Marketing

    This award recognises the best brand experience that effectively engage their consumer markets through an integrated marketing strategy that utilised at least three channels and how these were skillfully deployed to reach the brand’s strategy and objectives.

  • C19. Best Launch

    This category awarded to the event that first launched, re-launched, or repositioned a product or service. Entries that demonstrate the innovation approach and evidence of seamless execution and how the creative ideas achieving core business objectives.

  • C20. Best Live Event

    This award celebrates the most innovative live (face-to-face) event. Evidence how you executed a hyper-creative and high-tech event that engaged audiences before, during and after the final act. Show how you transformed a mundane space and/or conventional program to create an exciting and memorable experience for all.

  • C21. Best Media Event

    This award recognises media or press related events which targeted to journalists, bloggers and/or influencers. Event with measurable results that amplified the brand’s presence and how the media is immersed in a brand experience.

  • C22. Best Outdoor Event

    This category is awarded to all type of events which uses outdoor environment for large scale or small pop-up style. Any activities/events or as part of a wider integrated campaign to help brands increase brand awareness, help client to engage its target audience and attract sponsorship.

  • C23. Best PR Stunt

    This award recognises the most creative, out-of-the box piece of marketing designed to generate buzz and get people talking. Entries demonstrate clever marketing strategies to gain brand exposure, customer loyalty and public awareness.

  • C24. Best Public Event

    This award recognises event with significant contributions in promoting public event from creating awareness about a special cause, entertainment, performance and how you contribute to social and cultural cohesion, diversity, and cultural development.

  • C25. Best Retail / Mall / Pop Up Event

    This award recognises the best event setup inside a mall and/or retailer environment including pop-up shops, e-commerce platforms, showrooms that creatively engaged shoppers through activities or programmes.

  • C26. Best Sponsorship

    This category recognises both the planning and execution of sponsorship activities, and PR support to leverage that sponsorship and how the event met the brand’s objectives and drove customers' engagement and experience.

  • C27. Best Sports Event

    This award recognises the most creative and effective live (face-to-face) sports/e-sport event including but not limited to competitions, tournaments, sport activities and gaming etc.

  • C28. Best Sustainability Award

    This award celebrates sustainable initiatives that best implemented the strategy into an event as well as raising awareness of sustainability. Entries should show how they generated a long-term impact on the surrounding communities as well as the facility will be considered in the adjudication.

  • C29. Best Trade Show / Exhibition / Conference

    This award recognises the most innovative and seamlessly executed event to meet core business objectives with effective communication, engagement, and outstanding experience across the entire event journey. Entries to include event budget and critical path or proof of production components and how this was managed.

  • C30. Best Use of Influencer

    This category awards the most effective use of KOL/influencer to raise brand awareness and demonstrated exceptional results. Judges will look for creativity and content to build viral buzz to promote the event meeting core objectives and ROI.

  • C31. Best Use of Technology

    This award celebrates the effective use of technology that successfully leveraged technology to create a positive impact. Entries that demonstrate how you have incorporated the technological innovations to create buzz, deepen audience engagement and improved customer experience.

  • C32. Best Virtual Event Experience

    This award celebrates the most interactive virtual experience recognizes the best virtual/hybrid event including festivals, entertainment, training workshops, webinars, virtual conference/trade show.

  • C33. Innovative Use of Virtual Platform

    This award recognises the best virtual / hybrid event that was hosted on single or multiple platforms incorporating innovative technology.

    Judges will be looking for seamless integration with the event’s objectives and demonstrate the effective communication, engagement, and experience across the entire event journey.

  • AG01. Best Boutique Agency

    This award recognises the small sized agencies which has managed to deliver exemplary results and have shown considerable success. Open to agencies with no more than 20 staff.

  • AG02. Best Brand Experience Agency

    This award recognises the agencies in providing the best event/experiential marketing solutions and specialising in comprehensive brand building and creation for the brands, their customers, and employees in providing exceptional brand experience for end-user.

  • P02. Event Strategist of the Year

    This award recognises best agency or in-house professionals or team with excellent performance working efficiently and effectively with outstanding results during the eligibility period.

    Judges will look for individuals that can demonstrate innovation, skills, enthusiasm, contribution to the agency and client, and challenges faced by pandemic such as new working practices.

  • P01. Agency Head of the Year

    The award recognises the heads of agencies nationally who have individually done the most to advance their agency/network in the industry.

    Judges will consider the individual’s achievements including achievement against objectives, agency/network development and contribution to the industry in his or her market.

  • P03. Best Event Marketing Team

    The award recognises the heads of agencies nationally who have individually done the most to advance their agency/network in the industry.

    Judges will look for examples of teamwork, overcoming obstacles and success of events through tangible results.

  • GP01. Best of Brand Experience**

    This category cannot be entered directly and applicable to brand campaigns only.

    Judges will decide and present this ultimate accolade obtains the highest aggregate score from points allocated with a minimum 2 wins of the same campaign.

    Points allocation as follows: Gold – 10 points; Silver – 8 points; Bronze – 6 points

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